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Bath Waterfall Brass Copper Wall Mount Faucet Hot Water Mixer Rain Shower

  • XK881-C

Modern triple outlet bar shower

Thermostatic Rain Shower System Mixer Faucet Sets Triple Function Chrome with Adjustable Slide Bar Shower Head

Triple outlet bar shower come with three separate shower heads and hand shower and bathtub spout that you can easily switch between using a divertor, allowing you to create the most relaxing shower that best suits your mood. The diverter, temperature and flow controls are all situated within the bar valve to make fine-tuning your ideal showering experience straight forward and hassle-free!

  • MULTI FUNCTION Exposed pipe shower system with 8" luxurious adjustable rain shower head, handheld shower head, tub spout/wand, 59" shower hose and adjustable sliding bar for indoor or southern outdoor shower(winterization needed for outdoor use)

  • THERMOSTATIC SHOWER CONTROL with default water temperature at 100 °F / 38 °C for enjoying rainfall shower to avoid water temperature getting too cold or too hot suddenly; and with diverter valve to easily control tub spout, hand shower and overhead showerhead for luxurious shower experience without scalding

  • PIPE THREAD ADAPTER 3/4" MALE - two holes installation, one for cold water line, the other for hot water line and the center measurement of the 2 holes is 150 mm

  • CHROME FINISH The shower bar system in chrome finish looks new for years to come, and it can match with most bathroom fixtures

  • EASY INSTALLATION With shower faucet set and template in the package for easy installation. Please contact us for step by step installation instruction video

Thermostatic Shower Valve

Default 38℃/100.4 ℉ thermostatic shower valve to maintain a constant water temperature and to safeguard thermal shock and scalding, especially for children or the elderl with this valve, you can change the flow volume without affecting the temperature, which makes conservation easy.


Divertor & Tub Spout

Diverter with clear signs to control rain shower head, hand held shower and wand; Press and turn to the function you need, which it is simple and easy to use 90 ° swivelling faucet for tub or pet shower/daily items cleaning; and it will be a great help if installed for outdoor shower. The eposed shower facet set is for both luxurious shower experience and tub soaking bath.


Hand Shower & Shower Holder

Handheld shower head with 3 spray modes for enjoying powerful spray, massage spray and mixed spray. Adjustable hand shower holder with swiveling bracket to adjust to different angels and to slide the hand shower up and down.

Hramsa faucet has a various choices of surface finishes which complement any bathroom. In addition to Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Black Paint, Gold, White Paint, ORB, Rose Gold, Matte Black, etc single color, we also provide White+Chrome, White +Gold, MatteBlack+Chrome etc mix color.


Moreover, we also support customized surface finish services according to customer needs.

If you want more details about this Chrome vanity faucet, please feel free to contact: INFO@HRAMSA-FAUCET.COM


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